The Origins of Butter Tea

May 01, 2017

The Origins of Butter Tea

The concept of adding fat to your morning cup of caffeine is nothing new. In fact it has been around in some form or another for hundreds of years.

Lately the recipe has received some notoriety from a brain-boosting beverage called Bulletproof Coffee. If you have yet to jump on the "bulletproof" trend, you absolutely need to make yourself a cup of butter tea or coffee.

Also known as po cha

People in the Himalayan region, including Tibetan monks, routinely spike their morning tea with a healthy dose of Yak butter and salt. Adding fat to your beverage brings the calorie count up considerably, providing plenty of fuel for the day ahead. The butter can also act as a lip balm protecting them from the elements.

Butter tea is typically consumed one sip at a time. After each sip the vessel is refilled to the brim. No guest is ever left holding an empty cup. This custom not only suggest the endearing generosity of the Himalayan people, but also the symbolism of life's cup, which should be brimming with life at all times.

Like everything in Tibet, this tea takes time.

A cake of either Pu-erh or Pemagul are the preferred teas for this brew which can take up to an entire day to steep creating a dark, earthy liquid called chaku. The tea is then transferred to a large cylindrical wooden vessel where Yak butter and salt is added. The beverage is then churned to incorporate the fat with the hot liquid.

The next time you prepare tea in the morning, try adding a dollop of butter. I realize Yak butter may be a little hard to obtain, so you can easily substitute organic, grass-fed butter or ghee in the recipe.

Butter makes everything better 

If you think butter tea is good, wait until you try it in coffee.

Prepare several cups of coffee as you normally would, but instead of guzzling it down right away, carefully transfer it into a blender or a vessel deep enough for a stick blender. We also like to kick in a tablespoon or two of coconut oil to increase our dosage of "healthy fats". Careful, it's hot!

Blend the coffee mixture for about 20 seconds and serve immediately. If you don't set your cup down with a silly monk-like smile on your face, there may be something wrong with you. Trust me, you will enjoy every sip.

We hope you find the time to experiment with butter tea and coffee. It's a fantastic way to start the day and will certainly provide you with plenty of fuel for the hunt.

Let us know if you love it, hate it, or if you've discovered a unique twist. Either way, may your cup never be empty!

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