Slay fatigue with Sage, Thyme and Yerba Mate tea

February 03, 2017

Slay fatigue with Sage, Thyme and Yerba Mate tea

After the first sip of this mighty tea you may question our endorsement to waste a good dose of Yerba Mate. I'm not gonna lie, with Thyme and Sage included, it becomes quite woodsy.

Getting beyond the first sip you will soon grow accustomed to this highly potent combination of medicinal herbs and energy imbuing yerba mate. It has become one of my go to alternatives to coffee in the morning.

According to science (and legend) your immune system, cognitive abilities and energy levels will receive a significant boost upon consumption. Here's what you can expect after draining a few cups of Sage, Thyme and Yerba Mate tea.

combine sage, thyme and yerba mate tea


Traditionally used on snakebites and as a ward against evil, sage is the backbone of this Earthy and fragrant concoction.

Known by ancient cultures for centuries, the health benefits of Sage are now backed by scientific research including studies which point to improvements in memory.

Native to the mediterranean area, the Greeks and Romans used Sage to preserve meats and other foods. They also valued the herb as an ingredient in many of their healing remedies and rituals.

Sage contains a variety of volatile oils, flavonoids and phenolic acids. It is also an excellent source of vitamin K and a decent source of vitamin A. Dried Sage comes out of the bag cut and sifted leaving it very light and fluffy. It also has an impressive menthol-like aroma.


Whether you want to preserve a dead Pharaoh for centuries or add a little zing to your ragu, thyme has many uses both in and out of the kitchen. Thyme is another woodsy perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean and parts of Northern Africa. It also grows quite well on any kitchen windowsill.

More commonly used as a culinary herb, Thyme has many medicinal uses with some of the highest amounts of antioxidants found in any herb. Thymol is a volatile oil in thyme that has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Thyme also has a powerful menthol-like aroma. Studies have linked the medicinal properties of Thymol to sore throat remedies, mood enhancements and lowering blood pressure.

Yerba Mate

Native to Central and South America, yerba mate (or just mate) is a hardy evergreen shrub. The leaves are harvested, dried and brewed to create mate tea. Mate contains caffeine, which makes this a useful alternative to your morning ritual. Mate also has a smoky aroma and Earthy flavor which in some ways resembles green tea when brewed.

In Paraguay, Argentina and other parts of South America drinking mate is somewhat of a ceremonial affair. Mate is traditionally consumed from a dried, hollowed out gourd and through a metal straw.

When I think of mate I usually think of Che Guevara wearing army fatigues bouncing around the back of a military pickup casually drinking a cup of yerba mate. But that's just me.

Sage, Yerba Mate and Thyme tea is not for everyone. It has a strong herbal and Earthy flavor which is not unlike eating spaghetti in the forest . Still, this herbal mixture is refreshing and I have to admit, my mind feels a little brighter after each cup. The caffeine content isn't off the charts, so it makes a nice afternoon pickme up. 

Take equal parts dried Sage, Thyme and Yerba Mate and layer them in the bottom of a French Press. Use organic ingredients whenever possible. Bring about 20oz of water to just before boiling and pour it over the herbal mixture. Stir and steep for just a few minutes before serving.

Experiment with the measurements until you find something you like. Like it or hate it, I would love to hear what you think about Sage, Thyme and Yerba Mate tea.

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