Our Story

"Herb & Coffee Legends is truly a passion project which began with a simple idea and just a few free hours on the weekends. Naturally, there was a lot of coffee. "

- Chris Kitzmiller, Founder

Fueled by my love of culinary herbs, coffee, tea and graphic design and a few months of fine-tuning the brand, I decided to officially launch this business in March of 2017. 

I'm proud to bring you the H&CL brand - a project that has been nearly 20 years in the making.

I spent most of my college years (and then some) behind an espresso machine serving the good folks of Arvada, Colorado as the rush and midday barista of a drive thru cafe. While the summers got a little uncomfortable in a hot coffee booth, I enjoyed every day serving lattes, cappuccinos and  Italian ices.

My design career took off shortly after the coffee gig. I managed several marketing departments before officially starting my own design and marketing agency in 2012.

Coffee was in my veins, and my design background ached to get in on the action. Herb & Coffee Legends is a true mashup of talent, passion and an adventurous spirit.

I believe coffee, tea and herbs are essential consumables for the hunt. Whether you are starting a business, starting a family or just starting your day, we're in the hunt together. Where will the hunt lead you? Some chase world-wide greatness while others carve out a less conspicuous life.

Regardless of what you're hunting, you need fuel and inspiration to keep pace. That's where we come in. We hope you enjoy our blog which is geared towards the average but never ordinary coffee, tea and culinary herb connoisseur.

In our first year of business my promise to you is this: Herb & Coffee Legends will get radically better each and every day. I will curate and promote products that I believe in and create educational and entertaining content across all of our marketing channels. I will put an emphasis on sustainability and fully respect the views and opinions of others.

Join the fun (and the hunt) as I take the H&CL brand on a wild adventure. A quick newsletter sign up would be greatly appreciated as we begin to grow our community. We'll send you Legendary deals and articles from the world of H&CL.

I'm fully caffeinated and on the road less traveled. Care to join me?

chris kitzmiller, herb & coffee legends

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